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Financial analysts are responsible for carrying out a wide range of research duties in order to inform their investment strategy and make investment decisions for their organization or clients.

This can involve activities like analyzing financial data, keeping an eye on current affairs and market trends, looking at the financial statements of a firm, and developing financial models to forecast future performance.

career bootcamp
career bootcamp career bootcamp
timeline finance analyst
career bootcamp

Environmental researchers conduct research, develop management strategies and provide advice on how to manage and maintain the environment, wildlife, and other natural resources. They safeguard the environment and public health by applying their understanding of the natural sciences. They might clean up polluted areas, offer policymakers advice, or collaborate with businesses to cut waste.

career bootcamp
career bootcamp career bootcamp
timeline finance analyst


  • For Financial Analyst Bootcamp, you are going to work around Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets basic formula and function such as Mathematical Operations, IF, AND, V/HLOOKUP, basic statistics (AVERAGE, MAX /MIN, MODE, MEDIAN)
  • For Environmental Scientist Bootcamp, you don’t need any prerequisite skills.

The language of instruction will be fully in English.

It will be fully online. So make sure you have a strong internet connection and comfortable space to do the bootcamp.

You will be designated a time slot where you can e-meet project mentors to discuss your project or ask questions. Use this opportunity to get more 1-on-1 attention, be it for asking the points you missed during the lecture or troubleshooting your projects.
Data Science


  • I had a great time attending this event, it was really enjoyable to learn from speakers, and I believe what I've learned will be very useful to me.

    Odelyn Xie

  • The event was well organized, and the mentors were also really helpful throughout the bootcamp. Everything was well informed and easily understood.

    Samuel Christian Hosea

  • The event was well organized, and I felt like the mentors explained everything nicely.

    Izat Syauqan Rasyad

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